June 9th Chris Offer, retired Police Officer, Rotarian since 1981, committed to the Rotary Peace Building Initiative since 1987 spoke to us giving the history of Peace Building in Rotary and much more. Chris has inspired us to expand and build our education on Peace Building. 
Rotary's Peace initiative started in 1921 in Scotland after World War 1. Following this Rotary was instrumental in the formation of UNESCO, the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization born on November 16, 1945, what seeks to build peace through international cooperation in Education, the Sciences and Culture. There are 195 members to this day:  the headquarters are in Paris.
In 1949, Prime Minister of Canada, Lester B Pearson, diplomat and scholar won the Nobel Peace Prize. Mr. Lester Pearson supported the Rotary Clubs of Ottawa and all the provinces in a 4 day youth adventure in citizenship to fuse into them a united approach to citizenship and peace. If one chooses to Google " Books" then "The Rotarian" they can access 100 years of Rotarian history on line and observe the century long peace commitment of Rotary.
Chris further described Positive Peace : An absence of violence. Negative Peace: Attitudes and structures that sustain peace. 
High levels of positive peace promote incomes, resilience, environmental sustainability and education.
Canada is in the top 10 of positive peace countries in the world although we have many areas to improve upon. Rotarian's have to think how we can help and improve peace. 
Log on to the Peace Academy@www.RotaryPeaceAcademy.org  and take a workshop. Find out how you can help.
Check out the Mounted Police and find out how we can help bring more peace to our community.
Also Rotary Peace Centers Certificate Programs:
Action Steps:
1. Peace Academy
2. Nominate Peace Fellow
3. local or International Peace Project
4. Financial Support for Rotary Peace Initiatives.
Wow! 30 minutes packed with Peace Promotion and motivation. How tremendous a speaker and man of action is this amazing Rotarian?