Meetings:  14th and 21st July

14th July Business meeting
At the business meeting of the 14th July, Ken ran through the financials of the 2019-2020 Rotary Year and the reports were approved. The financials for this financial were discussed and although there are so many unknowns with the ongoing Pandemic and potential fundraising, the Rotary Club of Whistler is in a strong situation to meet our regular annual contributions to such causes as supporting the Skatin school and our Amarok mums.
The members welcomed Grant Loyer and Leslie Piderman from Lillooet to join our club. Their membership has since been completed.
Following the presentation the Club by Elly Contrera it was determined to support Project Amigo with a donation of $1000 and to review in 6 months time to see if the Club has the resources to donate further.
21st July. Presentation by Trevor Ferraro of WORCA
WORCA - Whistler Off Road Cycling Association has led the stewardship of mountain biking trails in the Whistler valley since 1989. Every year they sanction events that bring the mountain biking community together, foster the evolution of the sport through youth programs, and employ experienced trail builders and staff to construct, maintain, and advocate for Whistler’s mountain bike trails. Trevor explained how all of these activities are sponsored and staffed and the challenges they face to maintain their programmes.
Like so many other organisations WORCA's fundraising activities have been severely affected by the current pandemic and they are becoming more and more creative in ways to engage the community and maintain their activities.
BIO Trevor Ferrao
Trevor has been managing and leading WORCA’s operations since his position was created in May 2018 and he is the organization’s only year-round employee. He has a background in finance, qualifying as a chartered accountant in the UK in 2003. He moved to Whistler in 2005 and spent many years working as a snowboard instructor and trainer in the winter and was part of the Crankworx and Whistler Mountain Bike Park Events team in the summer. He has also served six years as a volunteer director for the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors, as the BC Representative and Treasurer.