Nov 01, 2022
Fitz Pub Social
Joint Social Evening with Millenium Club
The Rotary Club of Whistler and the Rotary Club of Whistler Millennium are jointing coordinating a Social Night on Tuesday November 1st.  Please join us (members and Friends) for a fun evening.
The social will be a beer/wine/pizza social at the Fitz Pub at 6PM. The Fitz Pub is in the upper village across from Portobello.  It is a small, cozy pub owned and operated by Micheal Compass of Blackcomb Liquor, a member of the Millennium Club.
We will be bringing in pizza from HandleBar Pizza, a couple doors down.    We will get a variety of pizzas, sliced, and bring into the pub (the pub does not serve food so it's fine to bring our own.).
We will run a wine draw with proceeds going to the Polio fund.  If we have enough people we can raffle two bottles.  $5 per ticket as per usual.
We are also looking to have some kind of fun ice-breaker pub game to play.
Pizza is tentatively targeted at $10 per person. Pints of beer (large variety on tap) are $7, wine $11 for a 9 oz glass of Stag's Hollow. Other drinks are available.  See attached drinks menu.
Please RVSP to me before Sunday evening so we can determine how much pizza to order. Let me know if we need to order gluten free pizza.
Note that there will not be a meeting on Tuesday and we will not be Zooming this Social.